Ambassador Services Division

Ambassador Services Division

 Program of Action 2018 – 2019




To develop a strong connection with all Chamber members/businesses, attract new businesses to Yorba Linda and develop relationships with the community to grow the Chamber


Retain businesses by (1) encouraging involvement and active networking at Chamber events; (2) encouraging them to take advantage of all marketing opportunities available through the Yorba Linda Chamber, (3) Mentorship of new members




  • Attend ribbon cuttings, breakfasts, mixers, and other Chamber sponsored events
    • Coordinate with the Chamber office to encourage new members to attend the Network Connection Lunch
    • Assign 2 Ambassadors to attend mixers and ribbon cuttings
  • Oversee the Network Connection Luncheons on Tuesdays and maintain and support the Network Connection officers
    • Encourage members to join a committee
  • Promote and encourage membership and retention
  • Continue the Ambassador business visitation program (with the City) aka Business Walkabouts


  • Contact existing members throughout the year
  • Contact new members to invite them to the Network Connection and other chamber events
  • Maintain a Committee of enthusiastic, dedicated Ambassadors
  • Help and support Increased Chamber membership (50 new members)
  • Assign Ambassador Buddy/Mentor for new members for 1 year. Contact once a quarter.



Ambassador Chair, Norma Rodriguez

Co-Chairs, Kathy Gonzales & Chris Morgan


Ambassador Meeting – 2nd Tuesday of each month 10:30am Black Gold Golf Club