Economic Development Division

Economic Development Division

Program of Action for 2018 – 2019



Creating a Strong Local Economy by

Promoting and helping the growth of our local businesses




To support our businesses and assist them with local issues.

Promote communication with other businesses in the community.



  • Promote Website Ad Sales
  • Educational Speakers @ Network Connection – Quarterly
  • Host Yorba Days Community Faire, Car Show

Spring 2019

  • Create opportunities for the business and academic communities to come together and learn from each other
  • Certificates of Origin



  • Create income with Website Ad sales
  • Develop local businesses
  • Expand Community Faire, Car Show


Economic Business Development Chair: Nathan Solesbee

Co-Chairs: James Zures & Mark Apicella Jr

Business Development Meeting – 3rd Thursday of each month – 10:30 am

(Different Task Meetings scheduled as needed)